Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yes! The food of today was quite delicious! Oishi Sushi is the best =D.
Church was good. The pastor talked about something really relevant today. He was explaining a cyclical pattern relevant to people/countries. I think it was like...

Dependency Mission
Apathy Freedom/Liberty
something here.... Plenty?

Okay, so my memory is not so good...But yes! It's interesting to think that most of us actually do this...and although it looks so easy to just skip the other half of the circle, it really isn't. We are so human.

Katie has come with me to SDBC for the 3rd time now. I think she likes it!
And so far, we haven't been late! We figured out that if we leave at about 9 everything is all good =).

Overall Sundays = great people, great food + sleep


Joshi said...

lol he wasn't the pastor :P do you need glassessssssss? hehehe

Elaine said...

Yeeeeeesh, relevant things are cool :) I guess we have to keep working hard to not start heading down the other half of the cycleee

Cat's Eye said...

Hullo Sharon!

Katie said...

Ehhh I checked your blog for ages and then I didn't and now you're updating! hahaha. well not for ages. sort of intermittently <_>;; but yeh, silly circle. why can't we be like electrons and take the path with least resistence? at least, in the pictorial representation of it XD;; we are i guess if you're talking about real life!
Also yesss I like coming to church, it is tres interesting and fun :D Thanks for taking me all the time!!!