Sunday, July 19, 2009


I came across a problem with someone and I used it to explain the concept of sin. What I learnt on camp has also helped me understand this more. Basically when our relationships go wrong, whether it's between friends, family, work etc etc, there is guilt and shame, as well as hurt. Hurt for the people around you and oftentimes for yourself as well.

So whenever someone sins, even though it seems so minor and insignificant, there is always someone who suffers for it. It’s incredibly unfair that they have to be put through it, but someone has to. Cause, effect and response. In my case, I was the cause of the problem, the effect is our hurt and our changed relationship was the response. Fortunately, this person had the heart to endure the hurt I had caused, forgive and love me still.

Jesus does this for all the people in the world. To do this - to take every single person’s sin away, no matter how great or small can only be done by someone Godly. No mortal can have a heart so big, so pure, so loving and just. This is what it means when you hear words like – for God so loved the world that he sent his only Son Jesus to take our sins away. Even though we are imperfect and broken souls, because God our creator loves us so much and still wants to have a relationship with us, he has made it possible through Jesus. That’s why the way into Christianity is only through Jesus.

It sounds so simple that it’s ridiculous almost, - that to become a Christian the only thing you have to do is accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and that’s it. For some of us, this act to accept and give your whole complete trust is hard (I know it was for me), but we shouldn't undermine it only because it is made easy for those who need it most.

For most people who are in great need of a redeemer out of fear or out of gain, this is very easy. But I believe that it’s made simple only because of His great love. He is willing to accept those who have no where else to go, who are easy to accept Him due to horrible situations or circumstances. When you think about third world countries, the people are in so bad a position that the only way they can live is to have God there with them. However, it’s because of his immense love that he can accept people like that - that he makes it easy for them to be with him in heaven. Now we, in no way deserve such godly love at all. This is why it’s only by His Grace that we are saved.

Lastly... about mocking unfaithful followers. How can a great religion be filled with so many of them? - Only because the God is loving enough to accept and forgive such unfaithfulness. So rather than judging our fellow Christians and criticizing them (something that we have no right to do - Romans 2), find the heart to help them be holy instead, for we are all sinners.

In conclusion!...(I never get to use this in essays but this is okay because it's a blog!!!) although it may be true that to be a Christian can be very easy, to live as a Christian is very difficult. How we live our Christian life will determine our riches in heaven, and we cannot judge this for ourselves or for anyone else, only God can. Personally I learnt for myself with a certainty that true forgiveness can only be done with love and that it results to a greater and more sustaining love. I know we all read this or hear about this a lot and I hope that we are loving enough for everyone to feel and experience this =).

Spread the love everyone =).


arliddian said...

Well said, sister. :)

It is hard to live out your faith, which is why it's awesome that we can support, encourage and rebuke one another in love! And, of course, God is always working in us to make us more Christlike, and will always forgive us when we admit our failures to Him.

I'm really glad you got so much out of camp and that God's teaching you so much about Himself and how to live for Him!

(Also, I laughed at the in conclusion bit. :P)

Katie said...

Sharon!!!! That was a beautiful post =3 You have gotten better at English! Maybe this is what editing a 20 page assignment does to you... hm! XD Umm ditto everything Minda said but also, I guess if you can try your best to imitate God's love, then people will see that and see it's a good thing, and then when these conflicts -do- happen, then you can get through it together and become stronger as friends or family or Shandy :D

Love you long time!

(I giggled at in conclusion as well XDD)

treee said...


Have I really gotten better at writing? I'm glad then! =D

And yes! We should all try to imitate God's love all the time.

I'm glad you guys liked the "in conclusion" bit too XP.