Thursday, December 8, 2011

Experimenting with make-up!

Can you tell I'm having fun? xD So that i don't waste make-up I did two different eyes...haha.

Now that I'm working I have to wear make-up everyday...which is sort of lame because it takes time putting it on and off. And plus i have mono-eyelids so everytime I put eyeshadow on it smudges everywhere at the crease!

But parts of it is fun. It's cool how you can blend colours and brighten parts of you face up. It always surprises me how much you can change one's look just with it on... For example, in one of the youtube videos I watched, this is the before and after look:


Surprising right?

Where I work (The Body Shop) the male sale assistants wear make-up too =P. But they look perfectly normal. I couldn't tell that they had and only found out when I asked them xD.

How has it been working there so far?

It's been alright. I was kinda bummed that they only gave me 2x3-hour shifts per week for two weeks when they said it would be around 25 hours/week. But next week I'll be getting 20 so I'm quite excited!

What do I do at work? Since it's just a christmas casual position they wanted me to specialise in gift wrapping. It sounds easy but it can get pretty stressful. In the group interview we had a gift wrapping relay. We spilt into two groups and had to wrap our present within 2 minutes, to then pass it on to the next person on your team. It was intense!

But Christmas time is worse because you have customers watching you wrap your present, and more customers in line waiting for their turn. I personally get more nervous when my manager is watching though.

I don't only using paper wrapping; I use wood wool, boxes, tins, plastic to hot-air the gifts (you have to be careful with this in case you pop the plastic...). Some of the tins they have there are octagonally-shaped, some are oval shaped. There are even triangular prisms...haha - so yes! There is a lot! It's not a simple job to gift wrap :D.

I'm going to be so pro at the end of this. Muahahaha

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