Wednesday, July 30, 2008

day 1

My first blog!

I actually woke up EARLY today and got out of the house EARLY for my 8am lecture. But no! The bus had to be late. So there i was entering the room 20 minutes late, found that the nearest empty seat was in the 2nd row. Ah, and i was wearing my sister's bright pink jacket today too...baw XD

Hmm embarrassing moment no. at dinner my brother invited his friends over. One of them (Calumn) was someone i blocked on facebook because well i didn't know who he was XD. Anyway, we were having dinner and Calumn remarked on how nice the food is compared to what he has at home. I thought i'd be nice and have a conversation going so i asked him what he usually has at home and-he-ignored-me. Ahahha, bet it was payback for the blocking XD.
Nah, i don't think he heard me. My brother however, did. after a few seconds he started laughing at me and went "rejected!". His friends were like what? XD.

I have now decided that i don't like wednesdays.


little-awkward-people said...


sharon is silly
not really
that would almost rhyme, but not.
let's have a comp to see who can keep their blog running for the longest. xD

p.s. nice tree picture =3 you should draw something for your banner.

treee said...

rhyme rhymes with rhyme.


whee alright. lol how many comps do we have going? i've lost track =P

i should draw something. i want to draw cute puffy ones.

Elaine said...

haha, you guys and your comps :P

why don't you like wednesdays? i mean, i don't particularly like them either, but yeah XD stupid early lectures huh :P

treee said...

Haha, i think its because my NUTR lecture is at 8am, and it goes for 2 hours XD.