Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gay, or not gay?

Last week while I was having lunch with some friends I saw my brother and his friends pass by. (this is a super rare occurrence btw [that time was only the 3rd time in one whole semester and a bit]) Being the loving sister that I am, when I saw him I was overjoyed and instantly said hello to him.
He on the other hand, only glanced at me and continued on his way.
One of my friends who was sitting with me also knew my brother, and after witnessing my not-so-successful "hello" he says casually to him, "Hey Ray."
Ray (my brother) turned HIS HEAD AROUND and gave his sign of recognition. lol, the way i wrote (typed?) that sounds like he did some weird hand signal. BODY LANGUAGE. Basically he said hello.

And i thought to myself... my brother publicly jipped me.


As soon as i got home i challenged him as to why he ignored me like that. He claimed that he did in fact, say hello. Anyway, during our exchange of blows and insults he goes, "How come i never see you with hot guys". I reply with - "How come i only see you with guys?"

It's TRUE though, i have never seen him with any girls except when we were still in co-ed primary, and in all these years he's never had a girlfriend. (lol i make him sound so old). Haha, i talked about it to my sister and she, amused agrees with me.

No i do not think my brother is gay.


Elaine said...

LOL sharon. Best comeback ever. :P

treee said...

lol. this all happened when you and kt went to buy wedges and chips btw =P