Thursday, September 4, 2008

mid sems huh?

It's mid-semester for us but it's already exam block for grade 12s. I guess it's really true when they say that time moves so much faster when you're older.
For those of you who actually read this, sorry for not posting! Here's what has happened the past few weeks..

Grandpa came to visit me! Er, *my family XP. It was so nice for him to come visit us, i love him so much XD. He is so wise and hm, i guess if there was such thing as a perfect grandpa he'd be it. Can you tell that i really admire him? =P
Ahh, i wish dad was be less tense though =(. This is something i don't get, why do people always think that by complaining, or showing-off, other people will sympathise with that person or think he/she is great or something, and as a result that person will be liked more? To me it's the opposite. If you put effort in doing something good, sometime there will be someone who notices and appreciates what you do, and when they do it'll be so much more meaningful. What do you think?

So anyway, yes, grandpa is le awesome. =D. I think...if it wasn't for him my mum's side of the family (family of 9 children!!!) wouldn't be so together. It's so amazing that people like him exist in the world, and give a positive effect (in the nicest way mind) to life and the people around them. And he doesn't really lead either...(not that leaders are bad). As in, he doesn't force his values on you... he just lives his life to what he thinks is right, and by interacting with him you find that you start sharing the same values? Eh, did that make sense? XD

I never really got to know him until a year or so ago, and I'm so glad that i did! Haha, when i visited him at that time it was just after he had a bad car accident. The doctor said that he wouldn't be able to walk properly anymore...but, he kept trying and now he's hiking on mountains XD. He actually has the energy for it too! =D. When we were at a sports oval, he decided to run with me, and so-he-did! My 80-year old grandpa ran with me around the oval XD. Haha, i'd be worried if it was anymore than that though, but yes, i thought that was totally cool.

He was only here for two weeks though =(. So um, just before he left i went on this jewelery spree for my cousins and aunties over there. I passed it on to him the night before he left, and he was all...can you teach me how to do this??? As in, he was serious about it! He thought my tools were so cool! Ah he's so cute XD. If you want to see what i've made...some of it is in my deviantart site =) -->

That's another thing i've been doing recently! Designing and taking photos =). When i study and do my, i like it, science is fun. But when i take a break and do something arty i find myself realising how much i miss it...So i think to myself, is this what i want to do? But then again, i do it anyway? As in...i know that whatever path i take in life, music and art will always be with me. I can't make up my mind =(.

Wow i've already typed a lot XD. Well i can tell you the rest of it on another post =P. Sleep time for me!

Ahahaha i named the title mid sems but i didn't actually end up talking about it.

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Katie said...

nyawww that's so awesome that you can be so close to your grandpa :D

midsems are over! kind of? i don't even know xD but holidays are soon which is SCARY!!! because i have an exam then rofl.

haven't seen you in ages :( we should properly catch up soon!!!