Thursday, September 18, 2008


I feel like i'm lost again. There's just so little time that everything i do feels like half-hearted effort. It's so hard though, because when i look back and think about what i've done, i know that this is the best i can do. Does that mean that i'm actually not trying hard enough?
I think about all the strong people out there, and i don't really understand how they do it. By the time i come home and help around it's 9 o'clock. And because it's already so late, so quickly, i can never find time to relax and i end up losing my temper. Some days are better than others though.

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Elaine said...

You know, Sharon, if you think that it's the best you can do, then that's probably true - you don't have to measure yourself against others to know whether or not you're trying hard! Maybe the 'strong people' out there have exactly the same problem :) Just keep nutting at it, do your best, but always remember to get enough rest~

I'd say more, but somehow I think this'll work better as a real conversation :P